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A Penny For Thought (And Heart, Home, and First Born)

This week there has been something bugging me. I live in America where money seems to be more important than people. I decided this week to donate my textbooks to my school library at the end of the semester because they don’t have copies of some books that are constantly used. When I told people what I was doing I was given an “Are you stupid,” and “That’s so nice of you” look. A few asked why not just sell them to the bookstore or other students who may need them. The point being that the smart thing to do would make me a profit.

As students, we spend thousands of dollars to attend an institution. Truthfully most of us can’t afford to go to college out of pocket. Many of us pay our tuition using money we never touch or see deposited in our bank account, it’s called Financial Aid. From my experience, it can take a few weeks to get your books together, and few weeks is all it takes to fall drastically behind. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to borrow a book from place that is meant to be more than a glorified computer lab?

This isn’t just an issue in colleges, but all over the country and within our government. For example, Trumpcare is a piece of legislation that is about making and keeping money at the expense of people’s health. I understand that we’re a capitalistic society (and that’s why I have to take an economics course I hate), but money is not worth someone’s life, it’s not worth a good memory, and it’s not worth as much as being a good human being. That’s my two cents.

I'm a writer the Old Westbury Her Campus Chapter. I found this to be an opportunity to do something I love and to get involved in my community.
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