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Netflix Is Raising Their Prices

Netflix and chill just got a little more expensive. This past week, the very popular streaming service announced that subscription plan prices would be raised in November.  Subscribers paying $9.99 will now pay $10.99, while subscribers paying $11.99 will now pay $13.99. (Oh the horror!!!)

There is one bright side to this. Subscribers who are on the basic plan will still pay $7.99. Well, for now. The price for the basic plan will go up at some point, just not right now. So if you don’t really care to watch on multiple screens at the same time, then switch over to the basic plan. But if you’re like me and gave your Netflix account to your S.O. to watch also, then I guess you’re stuck with the price increase.

Dominique is a freshman at SUNY Old Westbury. She hopes to study Business during her time there. She loves to read different kinds of books, watch Netflix and help people.
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