How To Manage Time In College

College is rough, and managing your time is crucial. Finals are coming up which means it is crunch time, so grab your planner, grab your coffee, and let's get organized.

1. Have a planner and use it! Sure having a planner is cute, but put your stuff to use. Having a blank planner is just extra clutter and not beneficial. 

2. Buy a travel mug! You need coffee or tea or something, not just for caffeine but also as a nice treat. Having a warm, yummy beverage is a great treat during a hectic day (or semester). 

3. Take breaks! Yes you have a billion papers due and you have work in between, but take a break. If that means you have to spend a little extra time working one day so you can go out with your girls another, do it! Schedule your break time like you schedule you work hours.

4. Invest in a good book! Read something other than your text book.