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Holiday Necessities: Old Westbury Edition

With the Christmas Season upon us and finals getting nearer it’s easy to wonder how to keep yourself together. Struggling with things like lack of sleep, dry skin, and broken objects (like our will to carry on) we could all use a little help for the holidays. The following are my four holiday essentials and a bonus fashion must have!

  • 1) Fast Fix For Puffy Eyes: Raise your hand if you haven’t had a good night sleep in two to three weeks! Fast Fix is basically magic which is why I recommend it to all my friends and family members. This product by Alba Botanica is great for both men and women because everyone needs a well-rested appearance.
  • 2)Tarte Cosmetics: If you’re looking for the perfect winter pallet and mascara look no further than Tarte. Careful ladies, these products are not cheap but they are worth every penny! The Tarteist PRO Palette has all the colors you need for your holiday parties and everyday. The perfect thing to compliment it? Lights Camera Lashes mascara lasts all day and night without irritating your eyes which to me is priceless.


  • 3) Krazy Glue: I have bad habit of accidently breaking my nails and dropping things whenever I’m stressed out so I love being able to have these Krazy Glue Singles in my purse whenever I need them. I get the security of having Krazy Glue without the risk of having it open up in my purse.



*Bonus*: If you’re a chunky sweater and tank top kind of girl like I am who likes to make a statement I highly suggest these super cute tank tops by Le Motto in collaboration with #ActuallySheCan. The tanks aren’t too pricey and they’re SUPER cute!

P.S. Do you have some products that you absolutely cannot live without? DM us on insta: @HCOldWestbury or email us at: [email protected] 

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