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HC Survival Kits: Old Westbury Essentials

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Old Westbury chapter.

As we inch closer and closer to graduation it seems like everything is only getting more stressful. When you’re trying to remember your assignments, turn in facility requests, and get to class on time it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. I spent the last month having my life drastically improved by these 8 products in the HC Survival Kit:

  1. Spindrift: This is a light refreshing drink that is both delicious and healthy. I am truthfully not a fan of the strawberry flavor but I absolutely love the cucumber and it’s become part of my daily routine.
  2. Freeman Beauty: Freeman Beauty makes these absolutely incredible face masks that I just cannot live without. My favorite is definitely the cucumber + pink salt clay mask that calms and clears my skin almost instantly.
  3. Aéropostale: As someone who is straight up addicted to accessories I was over the moon when I saw all the fun stuff I can incorporate into my wardrobe. From gold and silver chokers to a sea of sunglasses and rings. The new and improved Aéropostale has just the right thing to make your outfit perfect.
  4. Erin Condren: The week will never start to slow down to trust me when I say it’s nice to have a planner that keeps you organized. Erin Condren is all about creating something just for you that is designed to make your life easier.
  5. Hi-Chew: To be honest I am the kind of person who cannot survive an entire day without a piece of candy and Hi-Chew has become my number one go to. You can’t go wrong: they’re small enough for any purse, individually wrapped, juicy, and full of flavor. 
  6. L’Oréal Paris: This one right here is for all my fellow ladies out there who are trying to pretend to be tan in tis cold fall weather. If your summer tan is also somehow already completely gone and you don’t want to pay for a spray tan I highly suggest both their Submlime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes and Mist. 
  7. Steripod: I am a total germophobe when it comes to anything that goes in my mouth so when I say that this is my favorite thing in the world I am not kidding. This simple little clip keeps your toothbrush fresh
  8.  Bed Head By TIGI: There’s nothing more helpful than a travel sized can of dry shampoo for the days you don’t have time to wash your hair. If you’re a curly haired lady like me you also know the value of a good can of when it comes to keeping those curls in their place.

Do you have products that you want us to try and tell the world about? Email us at: old-westbury@hercampus.com and let us know! 

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