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Guy Flips Out on Anti-Abortion Activist

ICYMI, an unidentified man on the Texas State University Campus lost it on an older man who was protesting aboirtion with graphic posters on display. This video was captured by student Emma Brockway who told the Independent, "These people are constantly on our campus, telling us we're going to hell, and I think [the mystery man in the video] finally snapped."

"Get out of here with this bullsh*t man," the young mystery man yells. He screams that it is "wrong," despite the pro-choicer telling him it's freedom of speech. Before destroying the posters, the young guy can be seen holding flowers and a balloon. One can only imagine where he was headed with those - perhaps to a girl whom he cares about that was affected by abortion or simply whom he feels empathetic towards for having to see such asigns around campus.

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