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Getting My Hair Chemically Straightened

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Old Westbury chapter.

All my life I’ve had curly hair, from elementary to high school I️ wasn’t even allowed to straighten it. My parents always told me “people would kill for your curls,” but I️ never believed it. I was jealous of the girls with “sexy” sleek hair. I️ couldn’t get away from it. No matter where I️ went I️ would get reminded in movies, magazines, and on the internet that straight hair was best. Finally in my freshman year of college I️ was allowed to straighten my hair, but It would only last a day and I️ would have to straight iron it again. I️ was getting tired of doing this process everyday, so when I️ heard that their was a way I️ could straighten my hair and it would be permanent I️ got so hyped. The process was called Japanese hair straightening. Japanese hair straightening is a popular method of straightening curly hair. While many women with curly hair swear by it, this method is controversial because it can wreak havoc on hair if done incorrectly or by an inexperienced stylist.

I️ went searching on the internet to find a salon that would do the process and had the best ratings. I️ eventually found a salon that performed this service for $300 dollars, and I️ was warned beforehand that this process is very timely.

Japanese hair straightening relies on a special solution that’s applied to hair. This solution breaks down the hair’s bond that gives it its shape allowing it to become pin-straight with the help of a flat-iron.

The hair is saturated with this solution, rinsed, dried with a blow-dryer, and then flat-ironed with a ceramic iron in small 1/8th sections. A neutralizer is then applied which locks the style in place.

The entire process is labor and time-intensive. Depending on the length of your hair and its thickness, you can expect to be in the salon for a few hours.

You have to be very careful with your new pin-straight hair after treatment. You can’t wash it or pull it up into a ponytail for at least 3 days while it sets. And you can’t get it wet for 3 days either. This was hard for me. Japanese hair straightening is permanent. You can’t reverse the treatment once it’s done and forget about getting a perm or anything involving chemicals. The only way to get your hair back to it’s natural state is to grow it out. As a couple of months passed by I️ realized that I️ missed my curly hair “even though I️ don’t want to admit it” but people always want what they don’t have, and I️ should have appreciated my curly hair. I️ realized that my curly hair was beautiful .I️ think it’s ok for change but always remember to love yourself.

Rebecca Tirino

Old Westbury '20

Hello my name is Rebecca! I currently attend SUNY and Hofstra university.
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