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Fall Nails Trends You Must Try

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Old Westbury chapter.

For all the ladies out there that are manicure addicts like me, there are yet again new nail trends on the market. If you’re on social media constantly maybe these might seem familiar.  We are not just talking about nail colors alone! Now, typically we are all fond of the burgundies, browns and red shades this time of year but these new trends are to-die-for.  This season many aspects of both fashion and beauty seem to incorporate the theme of texture. With wintery velvets and cool metallics in current apparel and styles, this theme made its way to nails! Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

1.       Chrome Nails AKA “Mirror Nails”

This popular nail trend may have made its way to your Instagram with tons of video tutorials that are surely eye-catching. This look is created by a highly pigmented powder that mimics loose glitter eye shadow and is buffed onto the nail over a gel base coat and- boom! – the mirror effect is created. There are many different colors that you can achieve. Also you can choose a lighter or darker metallic. For instance, if you have a white base and you choose a silver chrome powder, the shade of the silver will be brighter than a deep blue or black base.  For beginners, you can just buy a metallic polish.

(P.S. This is my personal favorite- these are my nails! Ugh, I’m in love!)


2.       Halo Nails or “Hologram Nails”

If metallic nails just aren’t your thing, do not fret or break a nail over it! Gigi Hadid took the internet and beauty blogs by storm by wearing hologram nails at the last MET Gala.  Her manicure cost $2,000, though!  You can still achieve that bling-bling, sparkly look with this nail trend for just about ten dollars.  The best part about this nail trend is that it comes in more variety of colors. It is a reflective polish or powder that actually looks iridescent! Ahh, totally gorg!



So what do you think ladies, YAY or NAY?  Try one of these trends or another hot fall look, take a pic, and tag us at #old westbury!  We can’t wait to see!

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