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Fall 2016 Lippie Trends

Okay ladies listen up,

With fall approaching us,  pumpkin spice everything is life. Ugh, so basic yet so essential! To add to the festivities, though, there are many autumn trends that are to die for in the makeup world. Don’t we all want to feel super cute while sipping on  “a trente, no-foam, five-shot, half-caf, no-foam pumpkin spice latte with no foam at 210 degrees.” Oh gosh, sorry, total Scream Queens reference — but you obviously get the point. Fall lippies are here! Okay, a moment of silence please for cute and trendy lip colors! Ommm… Matte burgundies, pinky and peach nudes and taupe brown colors are a must have. And, because mattes don’t budge, you are ready to go without reapplying as much as you would with a gloss. And why is that important? So you won’t have to keep touching up your lips after each of the 10 PSLs you’re probably downing in a day… Totally kidding… Or are we? Without further ado, watch this super quick video to see what’s trending for fall lippies 2016. P.S. For my gloss girls — you’re not left out! You can cover any matte with a gloss or simply wear gloss alone, either way your lips will be popping !!!  



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Asha C. Foster

Old Westbury

Hey ! My name is Asha , on social media I go by Asha Christina. I am 22 years old and I attend SUNY Old Westbury College. I am a lover of all things beauty , health, Nutrition, and fashion!! I also have a YouTube channel where I post Vlogs and makeup tutorials. I love life and all things girly !!!
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