Eminem Is Playing at Gov Ball, So Here Are Five Gifs of Him

If you are in New York, you probably know about the Gov Ball, and if you live and have internet access (which I'm assuming you do because, hey you're reading this) you definitely know Marshall Mathers. Eminem is preforming at the Gov Ball and I would really like to go, but I'm a poor college student and tickets are $130.00 so unless someone grants me that money I can't go. To help with my grief of being unable to attend the Gov Ball, I've compiled five gifs of Eminem.

1. When I realize the price of Gov Ball tickets

2. When I realize how much I want to go

3. When I come to the conclusion that I really can't go

4. When my friends tell me how amazing it was

5. After I finally get over my depression from not being able to go