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This is for people who like to do origami. The only material that you need are pieces of paper. There is no need for origami paper. The directions are simple to follow.


First: Fold the paper sideways. This is also known as the hot dog fold.

Second: Fold the paper again on both sides.

Third: Fold the corners on all for sides in a right angle.

Fourth: Fold the corners one more time for the top to touch the bottom.

Fifth: Fold the middle of the corners to touch the bottom. Do this on both sides.

Finally: Slowly open up the folds by flipping the paper to see the boat.

Use another piece of paper to make the top of the boat for the sail. This part is optional.

Hope you like making these origami boats. 


A University of Waterloo student who loves to read, write, and empower women!
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