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5 Tips To Surviving Back To School

Need a list of back to school advice? Check out the top five things you can do to find yourself breezing through the semester:

1: Time Management: If you’re a commuter student who drives or takes public transportation, set up a schedule. Being early means you are on time, so always set your alarm 10-15 minutes earlier than needed. Trains and buses suck, but do not allow them to make your grades suck right along with them.

2:  Impress your professor, don’t impress your colleagues: Your relationship with your  instructor is the ultimate friendship (partnership) you should want to build during your college career. Some things to focus on are participation, early hand-ins (if possible), and asking questions because students in your class may have the same inquiry. Sometimes students feel timid when they are confused because they doubt that their question makes sense. In college, there is no right or wrong answer when it is opinion-based. Make sure you ask questions for a better understanding on the topic whether or not you think it has any relevance. Your professor’s criticism will help prepare you for your career’s professional environment!

3: Find your place or thing for solace: As the weeks go by and assignments turn into quizzes/tests,  have a “go to” activity in order to find inner peace. Music, writing, dancing or reading can set a meditative mood. Whenever you are freaking out from college, this slice of serenity will remind you of the reward and not the contest.

4: Read through the syllabi: Understanding a professor’s syllabus will reassure your ability and progress in the class. Some professors do not remind students in class to complete the assignments because they expect you to follow the syllabus. Responsibility should become one of your favorite words in college because it is your responsibility to get your work done on time.

5: Most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF: It is important to balance academic responsibilities with some fun. This will add to your semester because being in the books all the time can be stressful. It is an amazing feeling knowing your school work is out of the way while having a good time! Balance academic success with some socializing, and watch the positive outcome of weight being lifted off your shoulders.


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