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15 Graduation Cap Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Old Westbury chapter.

It’s already May, which means graduation is right around the corner panthers. Some of you seniors might be getting ready to backpack around Europe, join the workforce or start your dream internship.  There the future is unknown but it’s time for brand new adventures! Customize your graduation caps with these memories and mark the end of this chapter.


1. Thank you

Never forget who had your back all along.


2. For the future adventurer


The world is now in your hands.

3. To be honest…


If you do, must be nice.

3. Is it over?


Yes! You deserve it!

4. Boke or not?


The tale of a college student.

5. For the aspiring journalist



Write, inspire, change the world.


6. The right time to let secrets out


Now that you’re “an adult,” you’re free to do as you please.


7. For the Bachelor of Science



8. Now I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…


Turn your dreams into plans.


9. Peace!


Will Smith got it right!


10. How we all feel!


In times of desperation.


11. Good question!


I wasn’t ready!


12. Yeah… there’s that.


For those paying student loans. Hmm..


13. No limit baby


I-C murder that, no limit baby!


14. Beyonce knows best




15. Friendly reminder

Congrats grads! Finally made it and there’s no looking back now. You’ve got this!


Nathalie Ligonde is a senior at SUNY at Old Westbury majoring in Media and Communications. She is a Campus Co-Correspondent at Her Campus at Old Westbury. Ligonde is passionate about travelling, writing and learning new languages. She enjoys binging TV shows and movies on Netflix and loves hanging out with her friends. Her dream is to make a difference in the world by inspiring people to love themselves and others for who they are. You can follow her on Instagram to see all her adventures: @nathzwhatz