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14 States You’ll Encounter Traveling From New York to California

Have you ever thought of road tripping across country in the US? My boyfriend and I thought it would be an awesome adventure to scratch off our bucket list just as October began. With the help of our tiny, trusty, blue, four door Hyundai Elantra and a cooler full of drinks/snacks to keep us going we hit the road. As our wonderful journey together unfolded we experienced every season in just two and half days while encountering both beautiful landscapes and historic scenery. From colorful falling autumn leaves departing New York; surpassing a tropical storm through Pennsylvania in the middle of the night; an ice storm in Nebraska with temperature below zero; seeing snow on rooftops and pine trees through Colorado; to finally the summer heat of California. Despite the challenges throughout our journey it was a magnificent sightseeing experience that I would highly recommend to both readers and friends. The following includes the 14 states we traveled across to reach our destination!

1. New York

2. New Jersey

3. Pennsylvania

4. Ohio

5. Indiana

6. Illinois

7. Iowa

8. Nebraska

9. Wyoming

10. Colorado

11. Utah

12. Arizona

13. Nevada

14. California


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