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10 Most Popular Past Times in 2017

Hobbies are what people like to do for fun. People like to do hobbies in their free time because they’re an easy way to bring out your creative side. These are hobbies that people are doing in 2017.

Bullet Journaling

    Bullet journaling is for people who like to be organized and creative. This is great for people who enjoy planning things, and who like to journal in general.

Adult coloring

    You are never too old for coloring. It helps decrease it stress, and helps get those creative juices flowing.



Calligraphy is a way of making art through writing. Calligraphy is for people who like art, and is a great way for writers to express themselves.


Knitting is another way to release stress. It is something that takes time, and is a great way to make new items like hats and mittens.


    Crochet is a great way to start out with knitting and creating items out of yarn. Fun projects are done by crocheting, and it’s a fun way to improve skills.


    Drawing is another hobby to relax, a lot of people like to doodle in notebooks.


Baking is a hobby for people who like food. Baking can seem like hard work, but it’s fun for anyone who enjoys cooking.

American Sign Language

    Learning a language makes it easy to communicate with others. It is also a great way to talk to others through your hands.


    Yoga is an easy way to exercise. It can help if you are stressing over any life circumstance. This hobby helps improve your health both physically and mentally.


Reading can be a hobby during free time, and doesn’t have to only be for school. Reading is available everywhere including books, news, or online outlets.

Hobbies help improve people’s skills, and 2017 is the year people are using hobbies to relax. If you want to hear more about popular 2017 articles, visit here.


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