Your Guide to a Fun Galentine’s Day Celebration

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I love Valentine’s Day. I get that the holiday typically does not get as much love as the others do, but I always look forward to it. I believe that people can enjoy the holiday even without a romantic partner. I usually take advantage of the holiday to show my friends how much I love them. Remember, there are multiple kinds of love. I think all can be appreciated on Valentine’s Day.


Galentine’s Day, however, is a fairly new holiday that is growing in popularity. It is without the stigma or expectation that Valentine’s Day has. This holiday is all about celebrating female friendship, and I am all about that! Here’s a few ways to make the best of February 13th with your girls! (Besides knowing that discount candy is coming).


1. Watch a movie (or movies)

A good girls night in with my girl gang usually involves a good movie. Maybe you and your friends are inspired by the upcoming holiday, and want to watch a good rom-com. Or, perhaps none of you like Valentine’s Day and want to watch a movie not about love at all. A horror movie, perhaps? A movie about female friendship would also be a hit.


2. Make crafts

This could take many forms. A lot of my friends are super creative, so we would enjoy this. Maybe you all could make punny valentines for each other! I love putting time into thoughtful, homemade valentines for my friends. You could also make a garland or other decorations for

your room.


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3. Bake

My friends and I love to bake treats together. Whether you make brownies from a box or beautiful frosted cookies from scratch, it is sure to be a fun activity. You could even make them themed for the holiday!


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4. Do face masks

I love a good face mask, and they are always more fun with friends! Self care is great anytime of the year, but you might as well do it with the friends you love.


5. Paint your nails

This continues the spa theme! You could each paint your own nails, or you could paint each other’s if you wish. This is more of a stationary activity, so maybe while everyone watches the movie.


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6. Play games

I love a good game night! There are multiple options here. Some of my personal favorites are Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme? (both excellent party games), but you could also go classic. MASH, anyone?