Your Fill-in-the-Blank Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving Conversations

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash


Sometimes I feel that every time I go home, everyone asks the same questions. I’m glad they want to know about how I’m doing, but it can get a little tedious answering the same questions over and over. Think of your answers to the following questions, and maybe you can even print them out like him:

Image via @_ClarkeRobert on Twitter​


1. Hi Grandma/Aunt/Uncle/Cousin ________!

​2. College is...

  • Great
  • Fun
  • Hard
  • Okay

3. I go to university at ________.

4. My classes are...​​

  • Great! I'm doing well in them
  • Fun! I enjoy my classes
  • Hard
  • Okay
  • (List)

5. My major is _______.

  • (Yes, I can find a job with that)

6. My roommate...

  • Is so great
  • Is nice, but we're not super close
  • Doesn't exist
  • Is okay

7. The food is...

  • Awful
  • Good
  • Great -- I do my own cooking
  • Okay

8. I...

  • Have lots of friends
  • Have a small but close friend group
  • Have a couple of friends
  • Mostly stick to myself

9. I...

  • Have a boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Do not have a boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm focusing on my studies.

10. I...

  • Joined a sorority 
    • I love it!
    • It's okay 
  • Did not join a sorority 
  • Did not rush

11. I...

  • Have gone to parties
  • Have not been to a party
  • Would rather not say

12. I'm...

  • Doing great
  • Doing Well
  • Doing okay
  • Please stop asking me questions


Now you can stop worrying about conversation and get to the best part of Thanksgiving--the food!