What Love Song You Should Listen to Based on Your Fav Accessory

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A perfect accessory can complete any outfit and a perfect song can complete the soundtrack to your walk to class, study session, or car ride. Taylor Swift's newest album, Lover, is full of tracks that effortlessly portray the complexity of love and the beauty of everyday life. Your choice in accessory may say more about you than you think! So here is what song off of Loveryou should jam to based on your go-to accessory.


1.    Circle Sunglasses: Cornelia Street

If you reach for some funky sunglasses as a last-minute addition to your outfit walking out the door, Cornelia Street is all you! With a slower tempo and quirky breaks, it fits your spontaneous and groovy personality to round out today's playlist.

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2.    Pearl Barrettes: Lover

One of my favorite newest trends couples perfectly with the namesake song of the album. Both have a soft vibe and inspire a feeling of creativity and boundless opportunity. If you're a pearl barrette wearer, fully embrace the whimsy of both the accessory and the song and add Loverto your que!

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3.    Hair Scarves: Paper Rings

A little more fun and flirty than the other accessories mean that you're nothing less than both of those qualities! Paper Rings is the one for you, with an up-tempo and jivey feel, it's sure to make you want to swing that hair scarf dancing around your kitchen.

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4.    Red Lipstick: The Man

The boldness of choosing to rock red lipstick means you're all in for the pointedness and general swagger of The Man. In this song, Taylor attacks double standards she's faced head-on and in an unafraid and striking way. Red lipstick is a total power move and if that's your style, The Man is sure to add some extra sass to your day. 

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5.    Cowboy Boots: London Boy

The song, London Boy, is a cheeky and playful chronicle of a relationship with an Englishman. Cowboy boots are a wonderful juxtaposition to the stories of London activities, phrases, and memories. The song will inspire a feeling of wanderlust and the boots will keep you grounded in your favorite all-American addition to an outfit. 

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