The Truth About Sorority Stereotypes


There are lots of stereotypes that come with being in a sorority. A few of the more popular ones are: we pay for our friends, we are dumb, we all look the same way, we are just here to party or we are selfish and spoiled. These belittling stereotypes that society has associated with greek life and being in a sorority often prevents girls from going through the process of rushing, even though all those stereotypes are false.


Going into freshman year I had initially decided that the sorority life was not for me, based off of all the stereotypes and rumors I heard. However, when I got to college my perception of greek life totally shifted. The majority of my friends were in sororities and I saw how active they were in their community and how much fun they were having by being part of a sisterhood. It wasn’t until I went to one of my friend’s sorority events that I saw the bond that the girls had with one another and how welcoming everyone was. This sparked my decision to rush in the spring and I am so so glad I did!


Joining a sorority has pushed me out of my comfort zone in ways I never imagined. It has made me much more outgoing and involved within my school and community. It has introduced me to people and opportunities I previously did not have access to. It has given me sisters that are always there for me and push me to be the best version of myself. It has given me help with academics and opportunities to earn scholarships, as well as give back to the community.

Image via Greek U


A sorority is not paying for friends. You get an unique sisterhood that you can’t find anywhere else. You get leadership positions and new experiences. You have the ability to network through alums. You get a life-long membership.


Sorority girls are not dumb. We have mandatory study hours and sisters that encourage us to do our best. We have access to academic help and recognition for our good grades. We also have the opportunity to receive scholarships.


Not all sorority girls look the same or are the same. A sorority allows you to meet a variety of girls all with different interests, majors and backgrounds. It allows you to meet people you would not have met otherwise. It allows you to find inspiration from your sisters and branch out and join new clubs or organizations.


Lastly, sorority girls are not selfish. Each sorority has its own philanthropic focus and holds events each semester to benefit its organization. Many of us are active in our community and do service hours. Many of us are involved in things like Soonerthon, Relay for Life and Big Event. The majority of us are active in our community and dedicated to giving back.


Sororities are not what society makes them out to be. Joining a sorority has been the best decision I have made in college and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering.