Traveling in Oklahoma

It is so incredibly easy to travel in Oklahoma, and no time off work or school is required for what could be a great vacation. Oklahoma is one of the most geographically diverse states in the nation, with a rich history for being such a young state. A weekend is enough time to travel across the state and begin an adventure that celebrates Oklahoma history and culture.

Photo by Keegan Ball on Unsplash


From the through historical dust bowl region in the panhandle, through original Sante Fe Trail in the southwest with beautiful rock formations, past the great plains of central Oklahoma with panoramic sunsets and clear view of the stars, all the way to the caves, forests, and lakes in the East. It’s only a short drive to have a completely new experience of the state.

Oklahoma is also very culturally rich, with art shows and music festivals happening year-round. Fairs and annual celebrations bring out the food vendors and showcase local crafts and businesses. This state is in touch with its historical roots and celebrates Native American history and heritage, Cowboys and western history, preserves Route 66 and other landmarks, all while expanding its culinary and artistic scenes in the cities.

The many southern food staples spread throughout are delicious and nostalgic enough to entice families to make a 4-hour drive for the best onion burgers or barbecue in the state. With 33 state parks and an abundance of wildlife, being at lakes, mountains, waterfalls, and plains, there are infinite attractive outdoor activities. In-state vacations are made easy with the attractions and landscapes, and each year events expand and improve to accompany more people and parks open campgrounds and clear more trails to hike.