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It’s a great time when everyone is searching for the right one. LITTLES! Coming up with themes of canvas can be hard especially with the number of them, so they feel spoiled. Here are some great ideas that you can paint for your one of a kind.

1.    Sorority Themed

Create canvases that are surrounded by your letters and colors. You can include your mascot, symbols, colors, nicknames, address to the house, etc. These canvases can be the ones that she hangs up first because it represents their new home. 

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2.    Color Themed

Everyone has those colors that fit them right. Whether it’s their room/dorm colors or their favorite colors, make sure to add a canvas with them. These can be painted with your sorority letters, name, or inspirational quotes. Get at least two of their favorite colors and use them as your theme of the basket.


3.    Family Themed

Every family has a theme: designer, flamingos, or even crocs. Make a canvas with that theme to it. It could be the family line, or it can just be your sorority with the Gucci logo. This will give them the opportunity to show off the family without having to wear the cute pjs.

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4.    College Themed

Everyone loves representing their college, so make some that are your college colors. You can have cute football related ones, something to do with their major, or even just some school chants that are big.


5.    About Them Themed

Just because your little is a mini version of you, make sure to customize some canvas just for her. It can be her family, interests, anything she is really addicted to (coffee, cycling, etc.) that you make fun of her for, her zodiac sign, etc. These will be the ones she is most excited for because it shows that you actually tried instead of buying them. 

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6.    Funny Themed

Get creative with them. There are some funny spins on classic sayings that are great canvas. Some examples can be “One in a Melon” or “When Life gives you Lemons, grab some Tequila and Salt”. Be funny with them. They will already be smiles and giggles when they run to you.


Pinterest has the best ideas if you are really struggling, or  you can ask your really artsy sister. You could even buy the canvas at sell downs from older pledge classes. Just make sure those baskets are filled with stuff your little will love!


Laura Minyon

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Laura Minyon is a junior at the University of Oklahoma and is majoring in Special Education (K-12) with a HQ of Elementary. Laura enjoys DIYs, movies, and hanging with friends when she isn’t writing! Lauras serves as one of the Campus Correspondents at OU!
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Hi my name is Emily Parker and I am a senior at the Univeristy of Oklahoma! I am from Tucson, Arizona and I am majoring in Business Marketing and minoring in Art. After graduation I would like to travel abroad and pursue a career in fashion marketing!