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Hi, my little witches!  Happy spooky season!


I personally am not a big fan of scary things, whether it be movies or tv shows. However, I make an exception in the month of October and choose to be spooked out of my mind!  This all began when I started going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, which is a set of haunted houses with themes of different movies and shows such as American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Insidious and the Purge in Orlando, Florida (my hometown).  


I fell in love with the creatures and scary effects that would pop out, spray you with water and chase you with chainsaws.  Yeah, I know that sounds sort of insane, but that’s the whole point of it! You are supposed to be thrilled by going there. Now that I’m in Oklahoma it’s hard to feel that same rush I felt when I was home being spooked while walking through the houses. Not to fear, though (haha get the pun?), because there are still plenty of scary things to do here in OK!


Check out my four favorites out below.


The Sanctuary (Oklahoma City)

    This is a WWII psychiatric hospital, where the patients are plagued by the gone-wrong experiments from German doctor, Ryan Hammond.  In this haunted hospital, you will see stunts of suspension, a freak show and plenty of other frightening attractions that will keep you on your toes.  It is one of the most popular haunted attractions in Oklahoma, with thousands of people visiting every October.


Guthrie Haunts Scaregrounds (Guthrie)

Their advertisement literally reads “Grab some of your bravest friends and take on the terror this Halloween Season at Guthrie Haunts Scaregrounds, where there’s two haunted attractions to try out!” soooo good luck and have fun!  With zombies, fire and plenty of other freaky things you are assured for a scare at this one.


The Hex House (Tulsa)

    Home to two haunted houses, The Hex House is the top haunted attraction in Tulsa.  It includes the Hex House and West Side Grim. Not only was it voted one of the best in Oklahoma, but is rated one of the best in the country consistently.  It is a walk through haunted attraction with an altered reality theme that is very dark and unpredictable. The lights flicker, there are eerie roomies, and eventually you’ll be in a full-on nightmare.  The entire goal of The Hex House is to literally make you feel sheer terror, so you might want to bring an extra pair of pants to this one.


The Haunted Forest (Oklahoma City)

    In the old, historic part of town, Lost Lakes presents the scariest haunted forest in OKC.  This 20-minute walk brings terror around every corner. Prepare for your worst nightmares as it is interactive, including jump scares, surprises, terrifying performers and more.  Additionally, you can purchase the “touch” add on if you are looking for a little more of a scare. (My advice is to get this! When they used to be able to do this at Halloween Horror Nights it made it 10x better!)


While those are my four favorites, there are plenty of other great spooky season activities to go through!  If you aren’t looking for much of a scare, definitely check out these other “spooky but not scream” activities below!


Orr Family Farm (Oklahoma City)

    This super cute farm is perfect for fall!  Now that the cooler weather has swung around it’s a perfect spot to spend some time.  There is a spooky section for those who want that (Zombie Paintball), however this amazing spot has pumpkins, train rides, animals, tractor racing and more!  It is my favorite thing to do in fall, so make sure you check it out!


Spooktacular Carnival and Festival (Mustang)

    Featuring a petting zoo, train rides, games and more, the Spooktacular Carnival and Festival in Mustang is a super fun place to spend the day!  Held at Wild Horse Park, admission is free, this Halloween location hosts a number of 4,000-6,000 visitors per year!!


Paint a Pumpkin  

    This one is super easy, cheap, and doesn’t take a super long time!!  You can pick any kind of design you want and turn your pumpkin into something incredible.  It doesn’t take a lot to do, and you don’t have to be an amazing artist to do it! Painting pumpkins can be done anywhere too!  All you need is some pumpkins, some paint and a smile! Make this activity even better by doing it with friends!


Whatever you choose to do this spooky season, I hope you enjoy it!  October, while it definitely can bring its fair share of scares, also brings loads of smiles!  Have fun witches!


Mac Crone

Oklahoma '20

Mac is a sophomore at OU, from Florida, studying management information systems, pre law, with a minor in politcal science.  She is involved in sports and politics, with the plans to continue both after college.  She is passionate about writing and hopes to influence others in some way through it.  
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