Recap of The Get With The Times Event

Image via UVA News


During the Get With The Times event, we braved the severe-weather warnings, ate pizza, gave away the best New York Times gear, and watched Alexis Ohanian inspire us to be brave and take chances. Not only was Alexis funny, but he was real––really real. Often times, many speakers who come to college campuses are not relatable to college students. However, Alexis proved to be as congenial as he was humorous. 


Alexis not only talked about his past and success, but he also talked about college and the many things that come along with it. He encouraged us to step away from the things that keep us comfortable and step into the unknown. By welcoming diversity and differing perspectives, experiences like these are the ones that truly educate us while we are in school. 


However, what most stuck out to me was when Alexis talked about self care. A common perception in society is that, in order to be successful, you have to “work yourself to death.” Deadlines are important, but sometimes your state of mind is more important. Alexis continued to emphasize the importance of being selfish sometimes, especially when it comes to your health. By focusing on your health, both physical and mental, you can––and will––become a better person and leader. 


My key takeaways from the event were: work hard, take a breath, and stay open-minded. While I did not necessarily expect for Alexis to tell me the absolute key to success, he without a doubt told me steps I could take to become successful. Seeing someone like Alexis become successful at such a young age empowered me to have faith in myself. However, he also reminded me that there is more to life than working towards success. Focus on the things that make you happy, at peace and empowered. By truly opening your mind and focusing on yourself and your vision, you can accomplish so much. 


So, thank you, Alexis for an amazing event. You inspired me to become a better me!