The Pill Club is Coming to Oklahoma

There are so many monthly subscription boxes for women these days. These boxes include Fab Fit Fun, Birchbox, Winc, ShoeDazzel and many more. No one exactly needs these subscription, but they are a fun month gift unlike mother nature’s gift. But imagine a fun monthly gift to go along with Mother Nature’s gift.

Imagine no more. The Pill Club is Coming to Oklahoma! The pill club is a monthly birth control delivery/ prescription. This service is made specifically for college women! The Pill Club delivers your birth control at your door for free every month with samples and Plan B if needed.

Image Courtesy of uqora 

So how does it work?

  • If you need a new prescription or have one already. It will be taken care of. The Pill Club can also work with if you do or don’t have insurance.
  • Your monthly birth control will be scheduled regularly to make sure you don’t run out. Shipping is free and comes with sample items such as chocolate, tampons and lube.
  • You can text The Pill Club’s patient care coordinators with any questions. You can also make changes to your prescription at any time.

If you do not have a previous birth control prescription, The Pill Club can prescribe birth control to women in four U.S. states as of now: California, Washington, Pennsylvania and Illinois. They are planning to launch their independent prescription service nationwide within the upcoming months.

TPC is all about women empowerment. They believe a woman’s body is hers and hers alone. They want to empower women by allowing access to affordable birth control that allows her to control her future.  TPC gives you control of your body while making your time of the month more exciting with free samples.

Visit The Pill Club’s website for more information: