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Look Good. Feel Good. Play Good

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We all know the stress of being a college student.  Homework, papers, exams, hanging out with friends, volunteer, extra-curricular activities, try to find a good job, oh and we are supposed to sleep somewhere during all of this.  Because of this, in addition to the mega comfort factor almost every girl wears the classic Nike shorts and a big t-shirt to class.

But did you know the way you dress can actually affect your performance?  Yea that little saying, “Look good, feel good, play good” has a lot of truth behind it!  Here’s some advantages to dressing “nicer” once a week.


1. You can pay attention for longer

When you are in comfy clothes you have a tendency to feel as though you are in a relaxed mode.  If you dress nicer, you become more attentive, and therefore you can be more productive with your work.


2. You can trick your brain

Dressing nicer, according to a study performed by the Association for Psychological Science, can positively influence the way you think.  It can spur creative thoughts and gives you a broader perspective upon things. A fun pair of shoes could actually get your creative juices flowing!  Dress the part and you can fake it til you make it!


3. You never know who you’ll run into on any given day

Okay this sounds super super cliché, I get it, but it’s really accurate.  Every day has a different plan for you. Who knows you could happen to sit next to the love of your life and that one day you dressed nicer makes you stand out.


4. Boosts your confidence

Life’s too short to blend in.  When you are dressed nicer, you are showing that you don’t settle for average and want to stand out.  Fashion is a method of expression. You are extremely gorgeous the way you are now. And since you’ve got it, it’s just wrong to not flaunt it!


5. They communicate who you are

What you wear is a lot of the time what people perceive of you.  Whether it is right or wrong, it’s human nature to judge others when we see them.  Your clothes often tell your story. If you want to show that you are attentive and ready to go, you will dress in a way that sets you up to do so.  


6. It prepares you for your future

Right now, you don’t have to worry about a dress code or uniform for work, but wearing something nicer once a week can prepare you to get used to dressing in such way.  


7. Nothing beats you looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s necessary to include in here!  Dressing nicer can play into mental health, and let’s be honest as college students this is super important!  


I’ve done this for about a year now and I think the successes of it outweigh the fact that I have to wake up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to get ready.

Like anything, this is not a 100% guarantee that the results will work for you.  Every person is different, as is every week. Don’t feel as though just because you don’t dress “nicer” doesn’t mean you don’t succeed in your endeavors.  


Mac Crone

Oklahoma '20

Mac is a sophomore at OU, from Florida, studying management information systems, pre law, with a minor in politcal science.  She is involved in sports and politics, with the plans to continue both after college.  She is passionate about writing and hopes to influence others in some way through it.  
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