How To Overcome Summer Internship Nerves

While the semester has ended and summer has begun, it’s time to start those summer internships you’ve worked all year for.

It can be scary, especially if you’re going out of state. Living in a new city and working in a new environment will present its own challenges. Here’s how to make this summer’s internship easy and fun.


Come Prepared


This is the most important thing to remember before leaving for your internship. Do your research about what you need to bring, what the dress code is like, and what is expected of you every day. This internship is a big deal. You don’t want to make a poor first impression because you forgot to ask a couple question before arriving.


Have Confidence


You are new, you are young, and you are inexperienced. However, this doesn’t mean you are not freaking awesome. Don’t feel inferior because you’re young (or a woman), because you are so capable of succeeding in this position. You would not have been chosen if you were not. Be confident and show them how amazing a new, young, inexperienced woman can be.


Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself


Everyone messes up. This summer, learn from those mistakes and become a better intern. When something goes wrong, it will not be the end of the world or position. Let yourself enjoy the time you are there without stressing about the bad things that could happen.


Enjoy Your Time


While you are in a new place, take time to appreciate the whole experience. Make new friends, go to fun restaurants, and explore the place that you are in. These opportunities are rare. Do not spend the entire summer so consumed with work that you forget to live life.


Remember, you can do this. Do not stress, and enjoy every moment from this summer. You will create once-in-a-lifetime memories, and this internship will only make you a better you!