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How to Make The Most of Your Winter Break This Year

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As the semester begins to come to a close, and everyone becomes tired and stressed over finals, here’s what you can look forward to over the break and how to make the most of the holiday season!


Sleeping in

No more classes means no more alarms! Catch up on your sleep and fix your messed up sleep schedule to start the new year off right! Also, not having to wake up early means no more guilt about staying up late! Use that extra time to binge a new show or catch up with friends and family knowing that you can sleep in as long as you want the next morning.



I don’t know about some people, but to me, baths are the greatest things in the world! Dorm life sucks for a lot of reasons, but not being able to take a bath is the biggest one. Look forward to spending you time with bath bombs, scented salts, essential oils, bubbles, and relaxing jazz music as you ignore all your problems. 


Home-cooked meals

Campus food is great, most of the time, but nothing compares to your mom’s homemade chicken noodle casserole made with extra love. Now THAT’S real comfort food. 


Cuddling with your pets

Being away from home makes me miss my dogs more than anything and knowing that I get to see them after finals is one of the few things keeping me going. Curling up on the couch with your dog (or cat) and watching some TV should really be what winter break is all about. 


Being with family 

My siblings are all across the country and the holidays are the only time we’re able to all be together! Plus, being an adult is hard, so it’s nice to be at home with your parents where you don’t have to worry about all of your responsibilities. Whether it’s just seeing your immediate family or all the aunts, uncles, and cousins, winter break is going to be full of love and story-telling, reminiscing on everything that 2019 brought and everything 2020 has in store. 


Jessica Klinger

Oklahoma '23

Contact: klinger.jess@ou.edu Instagram: Jessica.klinger Blog: http://jessicaklinger.oucreate.com
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