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Many people are skeptical about committing to a long distance relationship. You often hear horror stories about how easy it is to be cheated on, or how it will hold you back, especially in college. Little do we hear about the successes of long distance. Long distance can strengthen your relationship, prevent you from growing too dependent on each other and make your trust grow greater.

However, this is not your ordinary relationship advice. This article contains the confessions of myself, and my boyfriend, as we approach the final stretch of our first year as a long distance couple.


What is the worst part of long distance?

Me: Other than physically not being together for four months at a time, the worst part of long distance is having conflicting schedules and having to find those periods when we’re both free.

Him: The worst part of long distance is not physically seeing your partner.


Was long distance what you expected it to be?

Me: I definitely expected long distance to be much harder and wasn’t that sure it would work, but we make it work and it is definitely worth it!

Him: Yes it is for the most part, but it’s a little harder than I anticipated.


What are some necessities for making long distance work?

Me: Trust. 100%. There is no way to make long distance work if you don’t trust your partner, otherwise you’ll drive yourself insane wondering if they are being loyal. Communication is also a big thing for me. Since texting is our main way of communicating there is often miscommunication and it is important to bring up concerns and address them right away.

Him: Having a strong foundation and being open with each other.


How do you make the most of your time apart?

Me: Just by texting and calling as much as possible and reminding one another that we love each other and why long distance is worth it.

Him: I try to communicate with my girlfriend when I can and call when I have the chance.


What have you learned through being in a long distance relationship?

Me: Through being in a long distance relationship I have learned to be more independent and communicate better.

Him: How to be patient and communicate better and how to manage time between school, rugby and our relationship.


What is your favorite part about being reunited?

Me: Just being together and getting to make more memories.

Him: Getting to spend time with my best friend.


Melissa is currently a Junior at the University of Oklahoma where she is pursuing her degree in criminology. Aside from writing for HerCampus, Melissa is involved in greek-life as a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, the honor society of Alpha Lambda Delta, and her university's criminology club. A Jersey native, she enjoys spending her weekends in the city or at the beach with friends, as well as shopping and listening to music.
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