Guide to Making an Amazing Big-Little Basket

Photo by Adrienne Andersen on Unsplash


It’s fall, and that means sorority girls all over the nation are getting excited about big-little season. It’s definitely an exciting time, but some girls may have trouble figuring out the best way to welcome the new little into their family. Here’s some tips on making a big little basket that a little would love!

1. Make some canvases, picture frames, or your letters

This is an easy way to get creative while maximizing your budget. By giving your little canvases and painted letters, you are giving them a way to decorate their dorm room with something that is important to them! Plus, it’s a good way to show your little you care. You can make them related to your sorority, or things your little likes. Get creative with colors and glitter! (If you’re into that). If you aren’t that creative, ask older members in your family or sorority. It’s likely they have some crafts they would be willing to pass down or sell to you for cheap.

2. Pick a theme

The cutest big-little baskets are the ones that make cohesive sense. Whether it’s related to your big-little fam or your little’s favorite color, this is a good way to make the basket look extra cute.

3. Find out their favorite treat

You might have to be a little sneaky with this one, but it makes a basket much more personalized. A good big-little basket should feel almost like a care package because you want your little to know how much you care about her! Find out your little’s favorite sweet treat or snack, and make sure to put it in! She will definitely appreciate it.

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4. Stuff it with things related to your sorority

When I was a new member, all I wanted was shirts, hats, buttons, and anything that related to my sorority. You may have a million shirts, but your little probably doesn’t have that many yet. Give her something she can show off on campus! This is another way to add bulk to a basket. Older members also may have plenty of shirts they would be willing to give you.

5. Add small fun things

This is where you can add a lot of personality to your basket. Add things that you think she would enjoy! You could add self-care items like face masks or nail polish, or you could add something a little more sentimental. I got a little jewelry holder from my big that I love!

6. Include something from the rest of your family

In my big-little basket, my g-big gave me a family tree. That was something really special that I enjoyed because I got to see the generations and understand how the family worked. You could also include a note in the basket

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