Basic Pieces that Are Must Haves for Any Wardrobe

Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

Fall is the perfect time to stock up on basics or new pieces for your wardrobe with some of the sales happening. Sometimes it is difficult to build an outfit based on what you already have in your closet. With these basics, you can get more creative and have more options.

1. V-Neck Shirts in Black and White

These shirts will work perfectly under cardigans or stand alone with skinny jeans. Target & Old Navy have affordable options year round to help build your collection.

2. Long Cardigans:

These are a MUST. Purchase a few in basic colors that are sure to cover *ahem* your assets. These will make you look taller, leaner and help build outfits. Layer over a dress for additional warmth, or throw a shirt under with a scarf and skinny jeans.

3. Jean Jacket:

Again with the layers!! This is perfect for multiple seasons and adds a bit of charm to whatever you’re wearing. Additional warmth and style are bonus points.

4. Yoga Pants:

Let’s be real, we all need these. All the time. Whether you’re actually going to the gym or lounging at home, these are a must.

5. School Spirit Related Clothing:

You need a few shirts from your school. Do you need a whole wardrobe of school related clothing? No. Keep enjoying all those free shirts though.

6. Pull Over Sweaters:

Perfect with leggings or jeans, these are comfortable, simple and put together. They  also provide warmth for when the campus buildings are chillier than anticipated.

7. Scarves:

Whether they’re chunky, sweater material or infinity scarves, these add a bit more of a custom touch to an outfit. They’re comfortable and keep you warm.

8. Dark Wash Jeans:

When you want to wear real pants, have a reliable pair of jeans that look great with sweaters or shirts.

9. Black Leggings:

Staple piece that is a must. Perfect for long cardigans or sweaters and a pair of riding boots or booties.

10. Rain Boots:

I love my Hunters. Rain boots are a priority, especially here in Norman where it rains all the time. They have a great tread on the bottom which prevents us from slipping and wear well in the winter with not-so-ideal icy conditions. I don’t regret this purchase at all.

11. Riding Boots:

They make you look taller, perfect for leggings or jeans in the fall or winter months.

12. Denim Shirt:

This piece is perfect to wrap around your waist, wear over a t-shirt dress, or use with a pair of black jeans.

13. Leather Tote Bag:

Whether you’re using this as your bag for classes or you’re using it as your purse, this can help make your wardrobe classier and more grown-up.

14. Flats:

Whether these are sneaker flats or ballet flats, these will help round out any wardrobe with a simple shoe option.