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You Look Sexy With Your Hair Pushed Back

Headbands are making a big headway this fall on Oklahoma State University’s campus. More girls are going for the Mean Girls Aaron Samuels look, than I saw last year. Whether it is thick bohemian style or flower child floral headbands, you can’t deny that headbands have made a place for themselves on Campus.

This style adds some fashion to function. Headbands are great for keeping fly-a-ways down and hair out of your face but they also help make everyday school outfits cute and fashionable. And they are versatile because you can wear them with practically any outfit, whether you’re lounging around your dorm, going to class stepping out on the town for a night.

These are not just your average headbands. They can be worn many different ways with many different hairstyles.  Here are some of my favorites.

1.     Tuck and Roll

Tucking your hair around the headband helps cover the unattractive band part. It’s good for creating up dos or half up half downs that are simple to do but look really chic and fashionable. It also is a good way to curl your hair without using heat.



2.     Down

This is a sleek and easy way to rock a headband. Whether your hair is curled or straight it will look more dramatic with a headband. You get the look of having your hair down without the peskiness of it being in your face.

3.     With a bun

This is a great way to dress up a messy bun. It can take your hair from hobo to chic. This look works on taming those annoying flyway and keeps the shorter layers from falling out of the bun and into your face.




4.     Flower Power

Embrace your Coachella attending, inner hippie with these chic floral headbands. These headbands make a huge statement but are simple and feminine. They are great for going out, especially to concerts or music festivals

5.     Braided

Using your own hair is creative way to rock the headband look. Braids add texture and aesthetically pleasing features to your hair do. Also by braiding your hair into a headband you won’t have to worry about it slipping or falling out.

6.     Knitted

With the colder weather right around the corner knitted headband will become increasingly more popular. These cute and functional headbands will work in the winter as both accessory and ear warmer.




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Hello! I am Shannan Henderson. I am a sophomore at Oklahoma State University studying Strategic Communications with a minor in Marketing. 
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