Why You Should Vote Even if You Have Every Reason Not To

Early voting in Oklahoma starts this weekend and then election day is the next week on November 3rd. I have heard a million times this election season that people don’t feel like voting because they don’t support either side. While this is a fair position, there are many reasons you should get out and vote anyway. If you are still deciding on whether or not you should vote, please keep reading to hear a few reasons (or pleas) to vote. 

  1. 1. State questions

    If you don’t feel motivated to go out to the polls remember that there are state questions 805 and 814 on the ballot that only Oklahomans are voting on. Not only is your voice amplified because of this smaller pool, but you’re even more closely affected by it. If you at least go out and vote just to answer these SQ’s you’re doing way more than those who don’t vote at all.

  2. 2. Down-ballot voting is just as crucial

    There are many people running for local office that need your support and just like the state questions this directly affects you. If you are worried about your voice not being heard in the Presidential election then you need to vote for down-ballot candidates whose policies align with your view

  3. 3. If you’ve given up because of the Electoral vote, show them how off they are

    The electoral college is supposed to vote based on the people who elected them. They are supposed to be representatives of the public. If you’ve lost faith in this system, show the people this election cycle just how off the numbers are compared to what the electoral vote ends up being.

  4. 4. You’re voting in more than just the president.

    You may not like the two options we’ve been given, but there are a lot more people you would be voting in besides Biden or Trump. Consider every other position they get to fill and who could be on staff if we vote in one party or another. 

  5. 5. If you refuse to choose, vote third party

    We have a two-party system, so electing a third-party candidate is implausible in our current system. However, if you really won’t vote for either the Republican or Democratic party nominees, voting for a third-party candidate may help us get closer to a ranked-choice voting system that can replace our outdated electoral system.

  6. 6. There are people who may not survive depending on who is voted in

    Vote for them.

Get out to the polls this weekend or on November 3rd and do your part.