Ways To Combat End of Semester Anxiety

  1. Get outside

Breathing in fresh air have multiple effects that completely can change your mood. Whether you go by yourself or with a friend, smelling the newly warm air around you relieves tension caused by end of semester projects and papers.


  1. Take a bath

Some alone time can help you handle the racing thoughts and give you time to reroute your brain to more positive thoughts. Add is some scented bubble bath and you will feel as good as new!


  1. Try out new hobbies

A change in pace and a change in hobby can give you another place to focus attention rather than the school work that you have been staring at for hours.


  1. Journal

This is my personal favorite. Writing things down gets anxious and unhelpful thoughts out of your already racing brain. This gives you an outlet to let go of intrusive thoughts concerning any stressful event in your life. Get creative with it!