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Times are Changing, Couples are Rearranging

           America has taken a large step, with interracial couples being the highest they ever have been. One in every 12 couples is interracial, according to a poll conducted by the USA Today.
            This percentage has been further increased by the rise in the number of Asian and Hispanic immigrants into the United States.
             USA Today’s study said black men were twice as likely to date or marry women outside their race. Although, Keath Vickery and Krystyna Biassou, two students at OSU, represent the opposite of that study.  While Vickery comes from a Caucasian American background, Krystyna is African American.

            Vickery and Biassou have been dating for 10 months. They met while living in a residential hall. Vickery says Biassou made him sit down and talk with her one night.
            “ I never been a person who only looks at one type of race,” Biassou said. “I don’t fall for looks right off the bat, I always fall for personality.”
            Interracial couples maybe becoming more prevalent, but are they accepted, as well.
            Biassou said her parents didn’t even ask what Vickery looked like, they just asked how he treated her.
            Vickery says his parents are not happy about the relationship.
            “It puts a pretty big strain on us,” Vickery said. “My parents are just conservative, it’s nothing against the person.”
            As for other races USA Today’s study showed other trends. Such as, Asian women were more likely to date or marry out of their own race, compared to men.
            “Im happy, I feel people are finally getting out of their bubble,” Biassou said. “Just because they look different doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with them.”

I am a senior at Oklahoma State University. My major is Multimedia Journalism with a minor in leadership. I aspire to be a news anchor or work for a fashion magazine, I am honestly open to any kind of journalism though. I am the Her Campus correspondent for OSU. I interned for News on 6 in Tulsa, Okla this summer and I loved every second of it. Basically, I am just a fun-loving girl who loves her friends and family. The only expectations I have for the future is to be happy.
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