Tattoo Tips and Tricks

Tattoos have fascinated humans for years, so it only makes sense that YOU may want to get one in the future. Here are some tips for those looking for their first, or our more experienced readers. 

  1. 1. Research Your Parlor

    look at the artist’s work and determine who will be the best fit for the work you want done. Make sure your parlor is licensed and certified. Read reviews of people’s experiences there. Going to a dirty, cheap, and fast shop could have consequences.

  2. 2. Come in with an Idea!

    This is the toughest part, if you are unsure about a design, look around! Check your artists portfolio and get inspiration online. Find aspects of what you like and present it to your artist. They’re more than willing to work with you to get the design and placement you want.

  3. 3. Be Prepared to Pay

    Tattoos are EXPENSIVE. You have to be willing to pay a good buck to get a good result. No one ever got a great tattoo for $20.

  4. 4. Don't Complain to Your Artist

    Don’t complain to your artist about pricing, pain, or the aftercare. Signing the waiver ensures that you understand the entirety of the tattooing process, including the price, pain, and aftercare procedures. They know how much it hurts, they charge what they do for quality work, and they know the aftercare can be annoying. Feel free to ask questions and chat but you and your artist are going to have a bad time if you come in only to complain during your appointment.

  5. 5. Be Prepared for Pain

    Tattoos are not comfortable, but they don’t have to be the most painful experience ever. Come into the appointment expecting the discomfort and understanding how the placement of your ink may affect that. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, listen to other people’s experiences but remember you may have a different experience than them when it comes to the pain.

  6. 6. Prep Yourself Beforehand!

    There are some conditions you must follow if you expect to get tattooed, you cannot come in on any substance and they expect you to have eaten in the 4 hours before your appointment. It is best not to lie on these forms, so come prepared.

  7. 7. Aftercare

    Aftercare is the most important step of the process, you must have the supplies and the determination to carry it out. Antibacterial soap and unscented lotions are your friend.

  8. 8. Tip Your Artist!!

    Paying for a tattoo is paying for a service + artwork, if you would tip your servers at a restaurant you should always tip your tattooist. 20% of the price or higher is the average tip, but your artist would always appreciate a little extra.

With those in mind, you should be able to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to ink! 

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