T R A P S O U L = Breakup 101

Welcome to Breakup 101!

In this class you will learn the fine art of ice cream binge eating, how to deal with your emotions, and how to face the reality of being..... single. 

Today's lecture will be taught through the musical enlightment of Bryson Tiller, because his new album T R A P S O U L shows the four stages everyone goes through after we realize that our relationship is over.






Lesson #1: Regretful Mistakes  { Intro ( Difference) }

We all know that once the ice cream runs out, regret sneaks up on you and weighs you down.

You've begun to re-live all of the memories from your relationship, because you miss the happiness you created together.

Tiller's Advice: Cry about it, but then pick yourself up, and remember you were the best thing they ever had!





Lesson #2: Rebounding  { Let Em' Know }

So you decided that maybe getting the "twin" to your ex is going to make you happy; two is better than one, right?

But the real question is which version do you really love more?

Tiller's Advice: In the end, you only want the original copy of the person you love.






Lesson #3: Baby come BACK!  { Exchange & Don't }

At this point your emotions are yelling SOS, because you are definatly a WRECK!

I think Bryson's lyrics explain this situation enough.

" Lord please save her for me , do this one favor for me...."

" Just gimme all of you in exchange for me."




hip - hop - fanatic

Lesson #4: Do I really have to be single ?  { Open Interlude }

So you've realized that being single is the best and ONLY option you have left. You've treid everything and it has come down to the one thing you dont want to be.

Now decide, either to get back in the dating game or become the single cat lady ? <--- cat lady doesn't sound to bad!





In all T R A P S O U L definalty relates to the feelings we all have had in the emotional rollercoatser we call breakups.

Now I wonder whats the next lesson Mr. Tiller will be teaching us ? 



Catch Tiller's new album T R A P S O U L on iTunes !