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Summer Survival Kits: Our Personal Ray of Finals Week Sunshine

As terrible as Dead Week and Finals are, your #hcokstate girls highly look forward to this time of the year. Why? Because we get to GIVE AWAY so many amazing things! Such as:

CamelBak Forge Divide Travel Mug

Whether you’re snowboarding or surfing this summer, #CamelBack has the perfect bottle for you. (This item will be going in our GRAND PRIZE giveaway soon…)  #DitchDsiposable


College students are BUSY all the time, and even in the summer. Brappz invented the BEST all-in-one accessory! It acts as shoe laces, hair ties, and bra straps! You don’t want to miss out.

Monthly Gift Box

Have you gotten your little black box yet? Complete with specialized tampons and chocolate, this adorable box will have you covered wherever you travel to, period. Learn more about them and order your own, here.

Pure Silk

Traveling with huge containers will leave you in line for airport security for AGES. Look out for us giving away these helpful travel size Pure Silk shaving creams on campus! You wont regret having this little can with you.

Vera Bradley Towel, Wallets, ID Tags, Keychains (OH MY!)

As IF you possibly need yet another reason to love Vera Bradley, we will be giving out SO MANY awesome items over the next two weeks. From the accordion style wallet to the super soft towel, these are must have summer items!


Spots Bag Tags

Have you heard about Spots? Travel on a budget with this new app or list out your “spot” for other people to bid on! (And all the college students said “YES PLEASE!”) Don’t get spotted without your luggage tags from Spots! These little guys come in super handy.


We are giving away ALL of these amazing items over the next couple weeks on campus AND on social media! Check us out, and stay posted for the best summer giveaway on campus! #HCSurvivalKits



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