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Still Litty 2017: Waka Flocka Flame !

Sometimes you have to be spontaneous and do things that you would rarely do.

At the spur of the moment My roommate and I, decided to go to a concert, and Waka Flocka Flame just so happened to be performing in Stillwater’s that Friday night.

First, when I walked in, there were a few opening acts. They were new artists, mostly, trying to get their music out. One artist that stood out to me was Lil Will. You might remember him from his 2000’s single My Dougie, now he was looked very aged, but his voice still sounded the recognizable.


After waiting for about two hours, Waka Flocka Flame, finally came out, and he brought out his new signed artist Loudiene with him. They honestly didn’t do very much dancing, however they aggressively shook their heads to the beat of the music. All I could think about was that how badly their necks must hurt after a concert night out.

He sang all of his most popular songs such as Bussin’ at Em, No Hands, Oh Let’s Do It and more. Listening to those songs made your adrenaline rush, and for a second I thought I was gangster rapping in the streets, until I realized I’m still the kid who grew up in the suburbs, and went to private school.

 Suddenly, I heard Waka shout, “Everyone make room in the middle!”. I honestly couldn’t believe he was about to walk into the crowd! Once everyone moved, he jumped in the crowd and partied in the middle of Tumbleweed. I appreciated this, because it gave me a different perspective of hip hop artists, and how humbling he actually is. Many artists choose not to jump in crowds and interact with the crowd, but he did and that made me feel like he was one of us.

Overall, I can say that Waka Flocka Flame was one of the best artists to come to Stillwater, OK! Not because of his performance, or his celebrity status, but because he was the first artist to blend into the Cowboy Family!



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