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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

Spring is coming and there is always that panic moment of spring cleaning. It comes out of no where and it ends up taking up your weekend to really get your living space spring ready. So instead of waiting until that day comes here are someways you can get a little head start and not have to rush. 


1. Clean out your closet 

Start to slowly set your winter clothing a side and bring out the spring clothes. If the weather calls for a few more months of winter where you’re from then wait a little bit longer, but it will be easier to transition from winter to spring if you have already started. 

2. Switch out the decor

Start out small by switching up the pillows on your couch, then maybe consider finally taking your Christmas tree down (if it is still up) and then slower start putting up different curtains and switching out other decor that you may have put up for winter.

3. Clean out your academics

Delete all of the unnecessary documents that you used from pasted semesters, delete photos you don’t want and clean out your music. Cleaning out the little things in your life will help give yourself a push to clean the bigger things in life.

By the time you go through all of these things in your life you will be ready for when the day of spring cleaning really hits!