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The Shirt Says It All

Whether you got it from an old boyfriend or that mistake you made last semester, everybody has a “shacker” shirt. It’s the infamous t-shirt stolen from some lucky guy after an eventful night spent together. 

If it is from an old boyfriend, then the case is a little different. There is no harm in wearing a serious boyfriend’s shirt from time to time. The case I’m talking about are those girls that seem to have an entire drawer full of shacker shirts. These shirts are seen on campus, in class, the gym, out to eat or anywhere.

What I do not understand is why so many girls are proud to wear these so called, shacker shirts. Some view them as a trophy, an old, worn-thin t-shirt just shouting to the world, “Hey I got laid last night!”

It’s already obvious what (or who) went down last night when you are leaving a guys house at 8 a.m. wearing last night’s jeans and stilettos with…his t-shirt?

A great way to build up a collection of t-shirts with fraternity letters is by getting invited to the date party rather than having to work for the shirt. No, this isn’t high school but girls still talk, and we can tell the difference between a shirt you rightfully acquired and a shacker shirt. Usually if it’s four sizes too big instead of just two, which is a dead give away of how it came to be part of your wardrobe.

I don’t judge, and I am aware that every situation is unique. However, it is hard for me when I hear guys talking about how many t-shirts they have lost and whether it was worth it or not. A free shirt the next morning should not be some sort of prize. Shacker shirts are not meant to be bragged about. I’m not against shacker shirts in general. Hey, it is college after all. But please be modest about it, it’s not something to be proud of and wear everywhere.

I am a sophomore multimedia journalism major at Oklahoma State. Originally from Fort Worth, Tx. I am a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. I love photography and anything vintage!
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