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Shawn Mendes and Khalid Trending Now on Twitter’s Moments

If you haven’t already heard the great duo single from these two, then you’re missing out on a generation eye opening song.

The two recently teamed up in their newest single “Youth”. In Shawn Mendes first collaboration with R&B singer Khalid, Mendes decided to go with a different heat broken route. This song, unlike others, is about going through a tragedy in today’s generation and not letting it take away one’s youth. Many times when stumbling across a misfortune, today’s generation will shelter themselves away from pain in order to not appear as weak or vulnerable. Hiding that pain only takes away from all the moments of laughter, joy and pain, which allow one to learn and grow as they go through life.

Shortly after the release of the empowering song, Mendes announced a portion of the songs merchandise profits will go to March for Our Lives. March for Our Lives is an organization created by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, from the aftermath of a school shooting where multiple people were killed. 

Since the release of the song on May 3, 2018, Twitter has been blowing up with many mentions from satisfied fans. From its uplifting lyrics and resiliency of today’s young people, the song has been skyrocketing the music charts and hearts of everyone.

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