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Seven Complete Series on Netflix that are Worth Binge Watching

1.     Gilmore Girls

- The complete series of Gilmore Girls in now on Netflix, thank the lord! This dramedy is about an independent mother, Lorelei Gilmore, raising her daughter. Rory, and deals with life, work, school and dating. This show is hilariously witty and well written.  

2. How I Met Your Mother

            - This show narrates Ted’s epic search for true love. And older Ted tells his children a series of stories about him and his group of friends as they navigate life , leading up to Ted meeting the mother of his children.

3. Gossip Girl

            - This series centers on a group of Upper Eastside Manhattenite Teenagers and the dramatic lifestyle they live. An anonymous blogger called Gossip Girl reports the gossip and stirs up trouble between these socialites. XOXO Gossip Girl

4. The Office

            - This comedy is about the life of workers at the Dunden Miffin Paper Company.  This documentary style show follows around the boss Michael Scott and his employees and chronicles the daily life in the Office.

5. One Tree Hill

            - One Tree Hill tells the story of small town Tree Hill, North Carolina.  It centers mostly on half-brothers Luke and Nathan Scott and how they have to learn coexist on the high school basketball after their very different upbringings. The show has many ups and downs as the brothers go from rivals to friends and back again.

6. Friday Night Lights

            - This show is about a small town named Dillon in Texas and their high school football team. It follows closely to Dillon Panthers football coach Eric Taylor, his family and his team as they deal with the vast amount of pressures to win.

7. Charmed

            - This show tells the story of the three Halliwell sisters, Prue, Piper and  Phoebe, as they move back into their childhood home after the death of their grandmother. Upon moving back in with each other they discover that they all have supernatural powers and are witches.  Now they must fight the evil forces of the world called demons and protect the innocents.

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