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The Right Outfit For The Night You Can Be Anything…

Getting ready for the Holidays can be a real hassle, but when it’s Halloween it’s even more difficult. For Easter, you always wear your Sunday best, and for Christmas, you tug on that ugly sweater. But for Halloween, it can sometimes be a difficult job to find a costume that is festive and makes you feel comfortable. So how do you decide on a costume? Since there are so many options I put together a few questions that might narrow down your choices.

  1. What is something you really like? It can be a person, a sport, a hobby, or even a food.

  2. Would your friends consider you mild or dramatic?

  3. Is there something that you’ve wanted to become your whole life but never got the chance?

  4. Would you prefer to spend as little as possible on the outfit or maybe use some of your extra cash?

  5. Do you want to be the belle of the ball? Or do you just want to wear something that could be considered Halloween but is also subtle enough to wear any other day of the year?


The first thing is to narrow down what, or who, you want to go as for Halloween. Pick something you admire or something you’re obsessed with. For example, I love to read. I love the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. Now, I could go as a book nerd. It would be easy to find some long knee socks, suspenders, and largely exaggerated glasses. Or, I could go as one of the characters from the book series. It doesn’t matter what you dress up as. (Make sure it’s appropriate for the party setting though. There are kids at some of these events.)

Now, considering the different ways you answered the questions above I have a few suggestions for what kind of costume you might like. If you’re leaning toward a more subtle approach without paying much you can try Disneybounding. Disneybounding was created because adults aren’t allowed to dress up at Disney World. The rule is there for safety reasons, but it’s sad that it has to be there. So fans of Disney created Disneybounding. Basically, you take the color scheme of a character or an accessory that they often wear and find something at your house that is similar. That way, you don’t spend any extra money, but you’re still festive. You can also usually wear this outfit several times, and not just one night a year.

    So maybe Disneybounding isn’t quit your thing. Perhaps you raked up some cash from between the couch cushions and you want to be obvious with your costume. With that money, you might not have enough for a store-bought costume, but you do have enough for a DIY (do it yourself). With DIY you find a costume idea you like, go to the store to buy the different products you will need, and then make the costume at home. I personally have never been very good with these types of costumes. But if you are creative, and want to have a costume unlike anyone else’s, go for it!

    So this last category is for only the truly brave, and it’s my favorite. I’m talking about cosplay. Cosplaying can be seen on a vast scale of moderate to high, but today, I’m focusing on the high. This is when, for one night, you become something else. When your costume is so dramatic and spot-on that your friends won’t know it’s you until you tell them! These kind of costumes are for the people with a flare that are looking to make an impression. (It also doesn’t hurt to have money to spend.)

    So by now, you should be closer to knowing what to do for Halloween this year. Remember that you can be anything! Tonight is your night. Any of the options in this article can be used to find a costume for any passion. Your only barrier is your imagination! I hope this has helped you to get into the Halloween spirit. Pun intended.


None of the pictures I used in this article were mine. I loved writing about the many different costume types but I have to give create to the amazing people who made the costumes! Below are links to all of the pictures I used. Please give the original authors some love!

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase:


Rayna as Esmeralda:


DIY Minion:


Harry Potter:


Annabeth Chase:


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