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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OK State chapter.

It might make me sound pretentious but I love podcasts. Something about listening and learning on the go is just the way I like to live my life and you might too. A lot of people think podcasts are just NPR style narratives that take themselves too seriously or true crime that repeat the same stories of the same crime that you’ve heard seven times already, but that’s not true. Yes there are those and I’m not gonna lie I do enjoy some of those, but there are also some that are truly unique. I want to share with you the podcasts that I listen to weekly and I’ll recommend one of my favorite episodes. My podcasts might not be your cup of tea, but I urge you to give them a chance. I use Apple Podcasts, but I would check your favorite podcast app of choice. 

Food 4 Thot

Food 4 Thot a podcast gabfest wherein a multiracial mix of queer writers gather around the table to talk about sex, identity, culture, what they like to read and who they like to read. As a young LGBT person, this podcast really helps me understand and relate to the world around me. Fran, Joe, Dennis, and Tommy are fantastic hosts who all come from different backgrounds and it not only helps me grow into the woman I am today, but also how to be a better ally to my LGBT siblings with different lives than me. If you are looking for something that combines politics of today, 90’s pop-culture references, and just a little bit of scandalous behavior, then look no further. Warning: This podcast is explicit, listen to it with earbuds.

Episode recommendation: Baby, Bi, Bi, Bi (Feat. Ashley Ford)


Speaking of risky podcasts, let’s talk about one of the first podcasts I ever listened to, Risk. This podcast is all people telling true stories about scary, traumatic, happy, life-changing stories. There will be stories that will make you cringe, or bust out laughing, or just bawling like a baby. There are a lot of stories that have triggering material for some people, I want to put that out there just in case that is something that could be an issue. People’s lives are so wild and interesting and I just find it so incredibly fun to get a glimpse of how people live their lives. Showing vulnerability in front of an audience and having it recorded for thousands of people to listen to is truly brave and I can’t get enough of it. Warning: This podcast is explicit and sometimes deals with various sensitive topics, listen at your own risk ?

Episode recommendation: The Best of RISK! #17

Cases of Color

I know I said that not all podcasts are about true crime, but I do love true crime. This one is different though. This podcast is all about true crime cases that get swept under the rug because they involve people of color. Randi Johnson, the host of the podcast, has a soothing voice while talking about just the worst police work that has ever been done. Not only will you be crying for the people we’ve lost, but you’ll be shaking you fist in anger at how little people cared about the situation. There are only 15 episodes so you could listen to them all in a weekend. I am absolutely in love with this podcast and I wait to hear an episode every week. This does deal with a lot of the time presumed murder, so if that is something that upsets you or makes you uncomfortable, avoid at all costs. There isn’t anything too graphic, but there is cursing sometimes.


Episode recommendation: Episode 5: Tamla Horsford

This is Love

This podcast is the most whole podcast on my list. As a hopeless romantic, I thought this podcast was just going to be about romantic stories, but there is so much more than that. Of course there are stories of romantic encounters, but there are stories about what people love that being music or art or just their daily routine. My ideas of love were so narrow minded, but this podcast has really opened my eyes. This podcast shows that love comes in so many shapes and forms. I love it and I am patiently waiting for season three. Season one is based in America and season two is based in Italy. I’m going to be binge listening to this podcast because I forgot how fantastic it is.


Episode recommendation: Episode 16: Everything Floats


I don’t believe Gossip is still in production but I love it. It is a work of fiction that follows three women: A nanny to a rich couple, An ex-lawyer raising a teen daughter with a dope of a husband, and a innocent and pure admissions officer working at a catholic school. The episodes are there three women gossiping about their tiny town in their local coffee shop. I want to say so much about it but I don’t want to spoil it for you all. I love this show so much and doubt there will be a season two but I hope so! If your favorite podcast app doesn’t have it, it is all on YouTube

Episode recommendation: The whole show

More Podcasts I like but don’t want to make this list 7 years long

Since I’m not going into depth about these listen at your own risk


Last Podcast On the Left

Nothing Much Happens

[insert your zodiac sign here] Today

Bitchery of History

Thank you for looking at my article. Please send me your opinions of these podcasts or other podcasts you think I might like @justastupidbich on insta or twitter ?

Micah Damon

OK State '22

Hi! My name is Micah Damon and I am a trans sophomore at OSU. I am studying Arts Administration with a minor in American Sign Language and Gender Women's. Besides writing for Her Campus, I am apart of several different organizations and I work a lot. Outside of my responsibilities, I love shopping, hanging out with friends, and making art.