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Places to Visit in Vegas From a Recent First Timer

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This past August, I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday for the weekend. It was a very thrilling experience being able to venture through the city and check out a lot of what they had to offer. Now I will say this, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit all of the places that I would have liked to, during my time there with the numerous amounts of activities and such. However, here are the top 5 places I would recommend, from my time there, to check out on your next visit!

  1. Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen

Being a Gordon Ramsey fan and watching his shows on TV, made the trip to Hell’s Kitchen all the more exhilarating. From the video presence of Gordon Ramsey as soon as you walk into the door, the half split of the kitchen between the red and blue teams, and even the atmosphere all made the experience. I was amazed to have the opportunity to visit and would highly recommend Hell’s Kitchen for those times you want to splurge and have an astounding meal.

2. The Las Vegas Strip

Everyone knows of the strip, a must-see in Las Vegas. With countless selections of restaurants, stores, entertainment, etc. it is an energizing place to explore and delve deeper into.

3. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

One of the coolest places in Las Vegas, in my opinion, was Kura, a revolving sushi bar. It was so neat watching all the varieties of sushi being rotated around the restaurant on a conveyor belt, it was my first time being able to experience something of the sort and I would definitely recommend it to any sushi lovers!

4. Bellagio Hotel

During my trip, I stayed at the Bellagio Hotels. The hotel had botanical gardens, upscale food selections, a casino, and even close access to the strip. Along with that, there is an 8-acre lake between the hotel and the strip, known as the Fountains of Bellagio. During the scheduled times, you can stop by to watch the enthralling water show as you head out to your next destination.

5. Miracle Mile Shops

The Miracle Mile Shops located on the Las Vegas strip contain over 170 stores, 15 restaurants, and live entertainment. I only explored a portion of the shops during my time there but with the vast selections of everything they have to offer there is always something to do during your time there.

If you go to Las Vegas and check out any of these places let me know what you think!

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