A Night in with Your Gals and Pals This Valentine’s!

My favorite Valentine’s tradition is my mom making me chocolate covered strawberries and spending Valentine’s night getting dinner with my best friends then devoting the rest of the evening laughing over a movie marathon with every snack imaginable.

Now maybe you are spending the evening with your partner, or your best gals and non-binary pals, or possibly crying over ochem notes. BUT whatever you're doing that night you should take a few moments of self-care or to create a fun night with the people you care about.


So, here are some of my favorite films, that I suggest for your Valentine’s Day!

  1. 1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before AND P.S. I Still Love You

    Lara Jean Covey writes love letters when she’s ready to let her crushes go, only now they’ve been sent out. Including one to her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Fake dating must ensue along with some killer outfits and 80’s rom com references.

    This is one of my all-time favorite films and Valentine’s Day is right in time for the release of the much-anticipated sequel. Which you know my best friend and I have built an entire night around screening. Grab your friends and join us on Team John Ambrose!

  2. 2. Someone Great

    This is a funny and raw film about breakups and friendships in your 20’s, how we change as we grow older, and what it means to love someone even if it doesn’t work out how we thought it would.

  3. 3. Love, Simon

    This film never fails to make me cry. This is a sweet story of in the closet Simon Spier as he navigates falling in love with a boy over emails and struggling to tell his best friends and family about a part of who he is.

  4. 4. Booksmart

    This is easily one of the funniest and honest portrayals of best friends I’ve ever seen. A great film for a night of laughs with your forever friends (especially if you’re like me and soon to graduate). This follows Amy and Molly throwing aside resume building pursuits to go to their first party before they graduate.

  5. 5. Last Christmas

    Okay, Emilia Clarke AND Henry Golding? A power couple in this film. Kate is messy and funny and falling in love with a mystery dude named Tom with the backdrop of Christmas lights. This movie has humor, family, love, sadness, and hope. Be ready for a few tears while passing around the popcorn.

  6. 6. The Half of It

    NOW THIS ONE IS FOR NEXT VALENTINE’S DAY, get ready for the lesbian rom com of the century. Netflix has acquired the rights of a The Half of It where a shy, smart teen agrees to help the star football player get the girl they’re both in love with.

Whether you're spending the evening in with the girls binging Netflix or out with your crush, make sure to @ HerCampus and tell us how you're spending your night! 

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!