A New Twist On an Old Tradition: Pumpkin Decorating


The classic way to decorate a pumpkin is to carve it. However, if seeds and squishy pumpkin guts aren’t your thing, or if you’re just looking for something new to do this year, try one of these twists on the old pumpkin decorating tradition.


Paint it. There are so many options to try with painting a pumpkin. You can paint it with a chevron pattern, your monogram or even splatter paint it for a cool rainbow effect. If you’re especially talented, you can graffiti paint it. Anything will work! Turn it into a fun date night activity too. Guys love painting their pumpkins like their favorite cartoon characters.  


Mod-Podge is another great way to personalize your pumpkin. Cover it with the cartoon section of the newspaper, pictures of your family and friends or anything you think is cool.


For an easy, quick and modern look, add metal studs in a pattern to the face of the pumpkin. Either glue them or push them through the surface. Ribbon and rhinestones are fun embellishments too.


With any pumpkin-decorating task, make sure you're in old clothes and outside or have covered your work area. It can get messy.