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Ask yourself, what can I change about myself for the upcoming season? 

My Fall Season

As I write this on the first day of fall, I am thinking about the seasons and who I was during those times.

Starting with winter, which includes my favorite holidays Christmas and New Year, I loved the cool air but I wanted to feel the sun on my skin.

Spring, when flowers bloom and the grass starts to turn green yet again, I was looking forward to the summer when I would go on my graduation vacation to the Jersey Shore.

As summer approaches every year, we are finally out of school but I am getting myself ready for the upcoming school year; I will become a freshman in college. The sun was almost too hot for my skin and my everyday clothes were becoming over-worn.

Throughout the year 2021, I’ve grown and matured. As I enter the fall season, I would like to focus more on myself, I would like to see a change.

As the Fall semester begins, I want to put myself out there, make new friends, and join student organizations on campus that would not usually be within my comfort zone. Joining HerCampus allowed me to write about what I am feeling and what I am thinking. Coming to a college that’s four hours away from my hometown, I have grown very homesick. I have been feeling lonely even though I have a great roommate and amazing friends. I have started writing about my day in a beautiful journal. This has helped me realize that I am not alone and even though I don’t see my family a lot, I am able to become my own friend. 

So now I ask you, what can you change about yourself for the new fall season?

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Abby Zaboronek

OK State '25

Hello! My name is Abby Zaboronek and I am a freshman here at Oklahoma State University. I am apart of HER CAMPUS because I want to make a difference on campus and in the Stillwater community. As a Type One Diabetic, I was always taught to speak up about what I'm thinking and share my ideas. I am so excited to write (well with COVID-type) about issues on campus and in the community.