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A Look at Cowboy Football


The biggest question following Saturday afternoon’s spring game was, who is the starting quarterback?

In my opinion, I think it’s silly that people keep questioning it. It seems to be the main issue everyone is talking about. I don’t see it as an issue, at all. I think Gundy is naming Chelf starting quarterback. He already said it once and I think he would regret not starting him.

The spring game showed me one thing, we are going to be good. Yes, of course I will miss Monken, but with a new offensive and defensive coordinator I think they are bringing a new momentum to the team. There are no other teams in the Big 12 that show as much promise and potential as our team this year.

 Returning on the defense: Justin Gilbert and Daytawion Lowe. Two players who have proven time and time again that they are consistent and solid defensive players. Not only that, but they are under Glenn Spencer, a coach that knows this defense well and knows how to play them.

I don’t want to be overconfident, but next year is looking good fellow cowboys and cowgirls. So, buy your season tickets, put your orange on and saddle up for another great year of Big 12 football in Stillwater, USA. 

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