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Long Distance Friendships

College is something that can make or break relationships. Not just intimate relationships, but also friendships.  When keeping a long distance relationship you know you have to talk to that person almost everyday and if you don’t you feel empty. For friendships it is a little different. You don’t have to talk to him or her everyday because friends come and go and you assume they are going, but that is not always the case. Here are ways to have a good long distance friendship.

1. Talk to one another at least 3 times a week

Unless they are your best friends since birth you most likely don’t or need to talk tot them everyday. Two times a week is just not enough to find everything and, but three times is almost every other day and you get to ask about yesterday and today.

2. Keep the conversation lively

Don’t make it seem like you were forced to talk to them. That’s another reason for the 3 times a week because even though they are your friend you may not have that much to talk about.

3. Try to go see your friend

If they live back at home then go home some weekends and set sometimes aside to go see them. if they live in a completely different state or country coordinate a time both of you could see each other and save you money to go see them.

4. Keep them informed

If something big happens in your life don’t let have to find out through social media or someone else, tell them yourself. Then you wont feel so far from each other and it will help keep both of you in the loop.

5. FaceTime facetime facetime

FaceTime is EVERYTHING. If you have the opportunity then you take it because a face-to-face conversation is so much better than through text.

Not everyone has to go through long distance relationships, but the people that do know it is hard. You have to put in effort if you want it to continue.  

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